Care Tips For Your New Borescope

Congratulations on the purchase of your new borescope! The borescope you have just bought is a delicate instrument that requires specific care in order to avoid damage. These tips will help you care for your borescope and keep it in good shape.

Restrict Environments Where the Borescope is Used

To preserve the integrity of your borescope, avoid inserting the borescope into any environment that could damage the instrument.

  • Do not immerse the borescope in water or other liquid. The tip of your borescope is not waterproof. Immersing the borescope in water or in any other liquid could result in serious damage.
  • Do not use the borescope in any environment where it may be sprayed with a caustic liquid. Assume that if a liquid is strong enough to damage your hands, it is strong enough to damage your borescope. Do not allow splatters of caustic liquid to touch your borescope.
  • Keep the borescope out of electrical and moving mechanical environments. Turn off any engine or machine before inserting the borescope into it.
  • Leave wiggle room for the borescope. Hopefully when you bought the borescope for sale, you purchased an instrument that meets your needs. The borescope must be small enough to fit into the smallest hole you need to see into, with wiggle room for the scope to tilt and adjust. Pushing the borescope through a tight hole can result in damage to the probe.

Insert and Retract the Borescope When It is Straight

Inserting or retracting your borescope from a hole while it is at an angle may result in scratches to the eyepiece. To avoid this problem, straighten your borescope before inserting the borescope in a hole or retracting it from a hole.

Clean the Optic After Every Use

To clean your borescope's lens, use a triple-filtered optical quality dusting spray to blow dust from off of the eye piece. Then, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to wipe dust off of the eye piece. Use the dusting spray to dry the eye piece after it has been cleaned with rubbing alcohol.

Store the Borescope Properly

Place the lens cap over the end of the borescope before putting it back in its case. Store the borescope in a straightened position, not at an angle.

For more information about the care of your borescope, read the enclosed manufacturer's instructions. Following these tips will keep your borescope in good condition for many years to come. If you haven't bought one yet, keep these tips in mind when looking for a borescope for sale so you can get one that fits your needs.